The exotic marsh-lagoon

Arkutino Reserve

Arkutino! Magic! Charm! An incredible lagoon! This is Arkutino.

It is also called the Bear Marsh. Exotic, beautiful, exciting! With its sandy dunes, it sinks like a natural barrier between the sea and the beautiful ponds.

On the sand dunes you can see the unique sand lilies that people call "Queen of Flowers" or "Sea Daffodils". Arkutino is characterized by the fact that only a small part of its water surface is found - the rest is covered with dense water and marsh vegetation, represented by different species of water lens, marshmallow, eagle head, rust.

Here is one of the richest deposits of white and yellow water rose. Coastal areas are covered by reeds. The marsh dwells on the rare fish-dwarf gambia. This is also the place where rare bird species of interest are observed and studied.

Arkutino is the main intermediate stop of the birds on Via Pontica.

The distance from Villa Valentines to Arkutino is 18 km. (about 20 minutes by car).


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