The oldest town on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast


The town of Sozopol is one of Bulgaria's pearls. Mystical, interesting, exciting, beautiful, magic ... and more ... and more. For Sozopol words are never enough. Sozopol is the oldest town on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. Situated on several small peninsulas in the southern part of the Bourgas Bay, one of the oldest Bulgarian towns is considered to be the direct successor of the Greek colony Apollonia. Since ancient times the town has been known as a fishing and wine center and occupies an important place in the trade with grain from Thrace. Since late antiquity, the city has evolved as an important church center with many medieval churches and monasteries. The first name of the city given to it by the Greek colonists at its creation is Anthea. It was later changed to Apollonia - in honor of the ancient Greek God Apollo. From the late antiquity, Apolonia is known as Sozopolis - translated "the city of salvation". Among the division of the Roman Empire in 395, the region of present-day Sozopol enters the boundaries of the Eastern Roman Empire. During the time of the Emperor Anastasius (491-518), fortresses were built around the city, used in the following centuries, and in many places they were rebuilt and built.

Sozopol is very most famous as a modern tourist destination. It is tourism that is its key economic characteristic. In the immediate vicinity of the city are several campsites: Garden, Golden Fish, Kavatsi, Veselie and Smokinia. The city is also famous for its museums: the Archaeological Museum; The architectural and historical complex "Southern fortress wall and tower"; The Art Gallery; The House-Museum Alexander Mutafov, as well as a number of historical monuments.

Today, all this historical, architectural and cultural wealth attracts thousands of tourists - not only from Bulgaria but also from all over the world. Each house, every paved street, every shout of the gulls, every splash of waves create a unique atmosphere - magic that conquers thought and imagination and invites you to come back here ... again ... and again - always with Sozopol in your heart !!!

The distance from Villa Valentines to Sozopol is 26 km. (about 25 minutes by car). For your convenience, there are frequent transport links from the bus station which is located next to our guest house.


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