The Thracian megalithic rock sanctuary

Beglik Tash

In 2003, Ranuli's ancient sanctuary, called Beglik Tash, was discovered. It is located at the mouth of the Ropotamo River and is the longest inhabited area in the area. According to historians, this is one of the largest city-fortresses in Bulgaria, which was a district center during the Middle Ages. The walls of Ranuli, towering on the hill, now surround about 8 acres. In the same year, about two to three kilometers from its walls, the scientists reveal an almost untouched sanctuary-observatory built of huge, partially processed stone pieces, arranged in irregular circles, and at certain days of the year the sun's rays penetrate through the slits between them. The altar, the altar, the throne and the largest dolmen known to science are located.

The facility was built in XIV century BC, believed to have been used until the 5th century AD. It is defined by archaeologists as the earliest Thracian Magellan sanctuary discovered in south-eastern Thrace and the Black Sea coast. The ceramic vessels found there prove that even in the 3rd century BC, here is a connection with the peoples of Crete, Troy, Egypt and others. His sanctuary connects with the cult of fertility, the Mother Goddess, and the orphic enlightenment and immortality of Heroia. The large rock fragments are partially hand-crafted and mounted in place, and the stone slabs and blocks are arranged in unique shapes.

Beglik Tash is the place that brings the charm of the past, provokes the present and awakens visitors to the search for that historical memory that will make us wiser, richer and more proud Bulgarians.

The distance from Villa Valentines to the historical landmark Beglik Tash is 12 km away. (about 20 minutes by car).


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