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Ropotamo Nature Reserve

Ropotamo Reserve is located about 50 km away south of Bourgas. It is extremely rich in a wide variety of biotopes, as well as many interesting and unique natural sites - the river Ropotamo, the Arkutino marsh and beautiful dense forests, various rock phenomena, wetlands, swamps and others. The reserve is part of the larger Ramsar site of Ropotamo.

The area around the Ropotamo River was declared a reserve in 1940. In 1962, the site's status was changed to a national park. In the following years, the environmental balance within the Park was disturbed by uncontrolled tourism flows. Nature is threatened due to the increased construction in neighboring areas. In this way, Ropotamo has become the most endangered protected area in Bulgaria. In order to preserve the nature of the reserve from further disasters, in 1992 Ropotamo's status changed to a "strict regime reserve" with an adjoining buffer zone, within which lies the natural landmark Maslen Nos with an area of 176 decares. It is characterized by its incredible rock formations and fiords, which provide shelter for colonies of different bat species. It is also inhabited by deer, wild pigs, wild cats and jackals. Here you can also see the so-called "Lion Head" - a natural phenomenon that enchants with its beauty, expressiveness and splendor. You can take a boat trip, admire the unique dense forests, the wild beauty of nature and the natural charm of one of the most magnificent and interesting Bulgarian reserves.

The distance from Villa Valentines to Ropotamo Reserve is 12 km. (about 10 minutes by car).


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