"In love with the wind"! Sounds beautiful and romantic, is not it?!

Ravadinovo Castle

"In love with the wind"! Sounds beautiful and romantic, is not it?! This inscription will welcome you at the entrance of the most romantic and exotic place on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. The year is 1996, and the place is the village of Ravadinovo, Municipality of Sozopol. This is the year when Bulgarians Georgi Tumpalov started the realization of his childhood`s dream - the first sod in the construction of the castle from a fairy tale.

There are many years of work done by members of the whole family. A castle is not built either easily or quickly. For years, they have laid stone after stone, building a tower after a tower, building something fabulous, artistically and unconventionally. Many of the people driving down from Bourgas to Kiten watched the building with curiosity and asked, "What a miracle will there be?" And the miracle stood. Glorified by some and impudent by others, the castle provoked all types of different emotions. Year after year there was a new tower, an artificial lake, a chapel or an attractive statue.

But the magic does not end up here. Every part of it contains traces of micro diamonds, which adds to its charm and attractiveness. Especially interesting for every visitor is the fact that throughout the day the whole castle changes its color - in the morning it has a hue of pink, during the day is white, and in the full moon is shining. What makes it even more unique is that it is built in the shape of a cross - a sign of faith, love and dedication in its construction and development. This is the love of his owner, who after many years manages to fulfill his childhood dream.

It is said that the castle "In love with the wind" is a unique attraction, not only for Bulgaria, but also for lovers of fairytale stories from all over the world. Its mysticism attracts, fascinates, excites! Or as the owner Georgi Tumpalov calls on: "Immerse yourself in the fairytale luxury of a castle from children's tales and allow yourself to be lost in its magical atmosphere."

The distance from Villa Valentines to "Ravadinovo Castle" is 25 km. (about 20 minutes by car).


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